Where to begin with this hugely complex topic – anyone suffering depression will have a long list of psychological symptoms as well as physical and social ones and perhaps, if you asked them to explain them to you, they would likely inwardly sigh and refrain, because they simply cannot be bothered!  They also imagine that you couldn’t possibly understand, because maybe they don’t themselves comprehend how they have reached such depths of despair.

Hypnotherapy can help find the root cause and relieve the symptoms of depression and the feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’. Depression is not weakness and it is not just being ‘fed-up’.

People don’t consciously delve into deep depression, but sometimes things just spiral downwards.  For example:  loss of a job leading to loss of income; leading to relationship problems and separation from family; resulting insomnia leading to tiredness and lack of energy; the list could be endless as the ramifications affect every area of someone’s life.

Total apathy and lack of interest in anything brings with it feelings of poor self-worth and self-esteem because sufferers tell themselves that they should be able to ‘pull their socks up’ or ‘get a grip’.

Decision making becomes impossible and concentration goes out of the window!  They become enveloped in a dark cloud of pessimistic uncertainty as their helplessness renders them unable to drag themselves off the floor!

If you suffer from debilitating depression, I can help you to help yourself.  All you need to do is make the choice to ‘Change Your Mind and Change Your Life’.  A well-used phrase, but one that really works!