Hypnotherapy & Kicking the Smoking Habit

Hypnotherapy can help you succeed by supporting and re-enforcing your determination to stop smoking.  For a free 30 minute consultation please call me on 07554 420218.

It’s all about the truth!  “Truth about what?” you say – and here’s the crux of the matter!  People, in general, are very good at convincing themselves and others of their good intentions.  “I’m stopping smoking for good, this time” and they throw away their packet of cigarettes just to prove that they are serious about quitting.  This easy gesture is all well and good, but it is often just that, a gesture, however well intentioned. 

When you decide to really succeed, you need to put your full arsenal and power at your disposal behind that decision. Because it’s a life changing event!  Your conscious mind will avoid the issue despite your intention and will sabotage you at every turn.  This is because your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you and is telling you that you won’t succeed so don’t bother trying. 

However, you can succeed.  Hypnosis works at this subconscious level to turn that belief around, to support and strengthen your desire to transform your lifestyle and make a positive and healthy change!  For a free 30 minute consultation please call me on 07554 420218.

  • You are committing to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Clearing your lungs of the vile tar.
  • Breathing better – more oxygen in the blood to rejuvenate your body at a cellular level. (Lowering carbon monoxide levels; smokers’ cough should gradually disappear).
  • Seeing fitness and energy levels pick up.
  • Feeling more alert as more oxygen reaches the brain.
  • Younger looking skin (smoking prematurely ages the skin leaving it dull, dry and prone to wrinkles.
  • Also, a big bonus is saving money! Someone smoking 20 cigarettes a day could mean they could be richer by £250.00 per month!
  • A longer life expectancy – be there for special anniversaries or your children’s wedding.

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking – you just need the genuine desire to do so!  Please call me for a free consultation 07554 420218