Hypnotherapy & Pain Management

Hypnotherapy can help with Pain Management bringing relief through intense relaxation so that the focus is shifted away from the pain itself.

Most people have endured severe bouts of pain at some point in their lives and so know how debilitating it feels, how exhausting through disturbed sleep and of course how depressing. Whether it’s back pain, post-operative pain, arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia, broken bones or even toothache it’s something one longs to be able to just switch off even if for a short time. Painkillers are readily available over the counter and of course prescription medications, however, GPs are becoming less inclined to offer them unless for short periods.

Hypnotherapy can help bring relief, please call me for a free 30 minute consultation on 07554 420218.

We all bear pain to differing degrees with low and high thresholds and varying levels in between. Pain tells us when something is wrong and allows us to deal with whatever cause is presenting itself. If we didn’t have a pain reaction to an injury or other problem we could seriously hurt ourselves or possibly ignore serious medical issues.

There are different types of pain.

  • Chronic – where the pain seems to last ‘forever’ and could have stemmed from an injury, arthritis, damage to a nerve, cancer etc.
  • Acute – is where the pain is for a much shorter period of time (from minutes to weeks). Usually, this can be following surgery, broken bones, burns or cuts, labour and childbirth, even after visits to the dentist!

Pain brings with it stress and anxiety and these side effects compound the symptoms to the extent that the sensation of pain can appear much worse. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to refocus it on reducing the stress and relaxing the nervous system rather than the pain (it tunes out the conscious mind).

As an aid in the management of pain Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to consider trying. Though it might not work for everyone, it is a natural therapy and has the benefits of no side effects!

Hypnotherapy can help bring relief, please call me for a free 30 minute consultation on 07554 420218.