Hypnotherapy & Phobias

Hypnotherapy can help convince our unconscious mind to overcome what our conscious mind knows is an irrational fear.  For a free 30 minute consultation please call me 0n 07554 420218.

Phobias can leave people feeling so overwhelmed by fear to the extent that they suffer debilitating effects.  They might include fears of flying, going outside, enclosed spaces, specific places, heights, animals, social mixing, insects etc.  The list really is endless because people can develop a phobia about anything and yet all of these, they would acknowledge, are irrational.

However, their anxiety creates an intense reaction to their ‘perceived’ sense of danger and this exaggerated response will adversely affect how they lead their lives, so much so that they will manage their life accordingly.  For example, their fear of going outside (agoraphobia) could mean that they cannot hold a job because they can’t get there.  This is because the conscious mind, our analytical mind, controls how we react and tells us what we must and must not do – ‘danger, don’t go outside’; don’t go in the lift, you might get shut in’; the plane might crash – don’t fly.’

Perhaps, they have such poor self-esteem that they feel unable to mix socially – ‘don’t speak to that attractive woman / good-looking guy, she / he doesn’t like you anyway!’ The very thought of being with people brings on bouts of sweating, nausea, trembling and all those associated feelings of severe panic.  (There is the obvious fact here of the self-esteem issue that needs to be addressed and its origins).

The distressing symptoms might also inhibit how they would like to lead their lives and so destroy their dreams of achievement and success, or finding a partner.  Phobias and irrational fears have arisen from somewhere in a person’s life, quite often in childhood and the event may well have been totally forgotten or buried.  These lie hidden in their subconscious but the effect controls their conscious mind and therefore their behaviour, accordingly.

Hypnotherapy involves profound relaxation, breathing control and deep muscle relaxation. This releases and eliminates tension (fear creates tension) and since total relaxation is the opposite of tension it is therefore incompatible and the phobia can recede.   When a person can control their responses to a perceived danger, these stressful effects can be contained.

For a free 30 minute consultation please call me on 07554 420218.