Hypnotherapy & Alcohol Addiction or Dependency

I imagine we all know a person or a family who has been affected at some point by someone who has problems with alcohol.  It might have caused a family break-up, loss of a job and income, poor health, anger issues, apathy, wild mood swings and loss of self-control.  There are many other areas where alcohol abuse interferes with normal everyday living.  It seems as if life has been put on hold for all concerned and the individual themselves feel possibly guilty and remorseful and yet unable to cope without their prop – alcohol.

They perhaps tell themselves ‘just the one’ but that weakens their resolve and so leads to another and so on – a simple need to put one’s worries aside for the time being can put them on that slippery slope.  No one plans to become addicted and it’s often not something one wants to admit to oneself, yet, it happens.  When the desire for alcohol overrides rational thought and with it the ability to stop, then it is dependency.

Apart from the physical symptoms, shaking, nausea and sweating, there can be memory loss and poor concentration.  Whilst it is a hard habit to break, Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help by accessing the unconscious mind to find where this button of self-destruction is being pressed and why has it arisen.

Hypnotherapy relaxation techniques can help you to learn the answer to the questions ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’  ‘Why do I have this problem with alcohol and how can I change my attitude and destructive behavior?’  ‘How can I stop?’

When you understand the answers to those questions through hypnosis, you are hopefully on the road towards dealing with the problem and hypnotherapy can guide you on the way.