Hypnotherapy and the dreaded ‘Diet’ word and kicking the smoking habit!

Hypnotherapy and the dreaded ‘Diet’ word and kicking the smoking habit!

Well it’s April and I wonder how many New Year resolutions are still going strong.  We have wonderful intentions after Christmas and at the start of a brand New Year.  We are filled with a sense of renewal because that’s how we are wired.  We look forward to the coming of spring and what it evokes in us, optimism, revitalization, new energy, fresh starts and hope for our future.

We assert ourselves; we make promises; we make grand gestures by throwing away endless packets of cigarettes.  (Imagine how many packets found their way into the rubbish on January 1st!) Also, at this time of year diet books of all kinds sell like hot cakes (excuse me – I couldn’t resist it)!

So, here we are again and it’s now spring, so they tell us, (I’m not putting away my snow boots yet!) and I’m betting that many of those determined, but broken promises that were made on January 1st, are now hiding in the subconscious mind.  Mention that dreaded WORD – ‘DIET’ for the summer holidays and it will gear itself up for the challenge – AGAIN!

Many people succeed in their aims to quit smoking and lose weight and that is fantastic, but many don’t and beat themselves up with every possible self-criticism they can.  Unfortunately, this makes the issue worse because they are also giving their self-esteem a good kicking. There are often many other issues underlying weight struggles; anxiety, depression, loss of job, financial problems to name a few.

I truly believe that Hypnotherapy can help.  Through gentle relaxation techniques and encouragement as well as continual one-to-one contact, the subconscious mind can begin to allow the process of weight loss to begin.

So too, with regard to stopping smoking all that is needed is the self-determination (not a desire from a partner).  Hypnotherapy gently relaxes the sub-conscious mind so it can align with the conscious mind in its desire to quit smoking.

NB:  A client is always in control during hypnotherapy and is totally aware of what is being said.