Boosting Self-Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Self-Confidence and self-esteem are different attributes, for example your confidence may be lacking when it concerns your ability to do certain things, perhaps public speaking or passing exams, whereas self-esteem concerns the way you see yourself.  (Not the way others perceive you). 

Or perhaps you are just shy, you along with millions of others – all you need is a hypnotherapy boost!

Often these negative perceptions can stem from the same source – maybe as a child or teen your teacher might have criticised your efforts or a parent might have told you that you’re hopeless and that you are ‘no good’ at anything!  Someone else could have said you’re too fat, too thin, or useless at sport.  Peer pressure at school (and in the workplace) can be so cruel!

Magazines and television are constant reminders of how we don’t compare to the ‘beautiful successful people’.  We look at ourselves and instead of seeing the positive healthy aspects we only see what is not good and what we don’t like.  We are probably our harshest critic – and we are harming ourselves.  We are sniping at the very centre of our being and that needs to change!

The saying goes ‘change your mind and change your life’, that is so easy to say but if your inbuilt critic is fiercely entrenched it’s not easy to accomplish. However, you can make a start AND that is what really is important!

Hypnotherapy really works and can access the root cause of your insecurities to help foster positive attitudes so that you can make these vital changes in your life.