Insomnia and Hypnotherapy

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Insomnia can be very debilitating and the more it continues the worse it seems to become. It’s annoying too because we go to bed expecting not to sleep – and – guess what? We are proved right! It’s almost as if we daren’t go to bed because we just know we aren’t going to sleep! We create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Trauma, pressures within the home or workplace, financial problems can all create acute (short term) insomnia and sadly it is a common effect. When the lack of necessary sleep is prolonged (chronic), it can last for a month or even longer. However, chronic insomnia is normally a side effect or symptom of a different problem.

Most people need between 6-8 hours of sleep but it is the quality of sleep too that determines how they might feel. The body regenerates its cells overnight, it repairs and heals and solves mental problems. Often, if one goes to bed with a question on the mind, by the morning we have a possible solution!

Lack of sleep and even just poor sleep can have a detrimental effect: –

  • Lowers concentration levels
  • Causes irritability
  • Creates anxiety
  • Problems with studying and memory
  • Depression
  • Inability to focus attention
  • Drowsiness whilst driving
  • Lack of energy

Generally, people recognise their own symptoms of insomnia in that they can’t get to sleep in the first place. Also, they can wake up several times in the night and feel sleepy during the day as a consequence. They will readily identify with any of the above mentioned effects.

There are of course various causes for insomnia, certain medical conditions and medications both prescribed and over the counter; health problems such as Diabetes and restless leg syndrome; sleep-apnoea (breathing problem), to mention a few. In addition, other sleep disorders, emotional upsets and unrelieved stress; too much coffee or alcohol; shift patterns or jet lag will all add to the complex and deeply distressing problem.

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