Hypnotherapy & Sugar Addiction

Hypnotherapy can help convince our unconscious mind to be more aware of how much sugar we consume and to resist.

Barely a day goes by when we are not bombarded by newspapers and magazines regarding the perils of sugar, and quite rightly, for we do need to be aware of the dangers of ignoring our dependence on this insidious substance.

Generally, we work hard and lead busy and very active lives and over time we have relied more and more on meals which are quick and easy to prepare.  I’m sure there is not one of us, me included,  who has not resorted to a quick pack of this or a container of that telling ourselves that ‘tomorrow’  will be different.

Naturally occurring sugars such as those in fruits and milk are needed to ensure the smooth operation of our brain and to provide energy for our body’s functions.  However, the hidden sugars prevalent in so much of our day to day food, such as cereals, health bars and ready meals should give us cause for concern.  A simple example is a tin of baked beans.  There are reduced sugar items available but do we enjoy them quite the same?  Imagine a tin of baked beans without any sweetening at all!

When we sit down to relax at the end of the day after our evening meal, how long is it before we feel the urge to nibble on something?  Are we really hungry? Why do we feel that need to snack?

Without delving too deeply into the scientific details, the nibbles provide us with a ‘sugar hit’, increasing the chemical levels in our brain that make us feel more energized and content.  However, it is a short-lived experience and the ‘high’ quickly becomes a low, so that we need more and more to feel good to enjoy that sense of reward.

Sweetness has a huge bearing on how we feel because it impacts on the reward system in the brain.  The chemical Dopamine boosted by sugar intake = the feel good factor.  (Perhaps, we might think also symbolically, as in ‘the sweetness of life’ – is something missing?)

Do we consider that just one chocolate biscuit is enough?  Or, does having that one biscuit or chocolate lead you to tell yourself ‘well one more can’t hurt, can it!’  The answer – yes, it can!  (There is the ever increasing risk of obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and cancer.)

When you continually crave sugary foods or fizzy drinks, despite knowing how bad they are for you, when you just have to eat that last chocolate or finish off the slice of cheesecake, then, you need to take action to deal with it. You are becoming, if not already, addicted to sugar.

Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your sugar intake by helping you to take control and encourage you to be more discerning in what you choose to eat.  Responsibility to yourself and caring for yourself would be a tremendous start!