Hypnotherapy & Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can help you succeed by supporting and re-enforcing your determination for a healthier you.

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I imagine there are few of us who could say that we have not put ourselves through the ‘pain’ of a diet at some time or another.  For those lucky few who have not found it a pain, I apologise unreservedly.  However, the very mention of the dreaded ‘D’ word is often sufficient to have many of us reaching in defiance for the biscuit tin or the fridge. However, after succumbing, we then beat ourselves up telling ourselves how weak we were!

A healthy weight is difficult to achieve sometimes because we find ourselves in a cycle of poor energy balance.  We might not feel like exercising because our being overweight makes us tire more easily and so we feel the need to rest after too short a time and expending too little energy.  When we do that we haven’t shifted the calorific value of what we have eaten already and so the slippery slide begins.

We do know what we should and should not be doing, healthy eating, more exercise, less TV, more walking etc.  In reality, it’s easy to make excuses, “I’ll start tomorrow; I haven’t got the right food in; after Christmas; before our holiday.”

Unfortunately, when we delay putting what we know into practice we are allowing our health to suffer severely.  Not only that, our family has to watch us ignore the dangers until it might be too late.  If they say anything to us woe-betide them!  Who will be brave enough to say “Mum / Dad you need to lose weight!”

Hypnotherapy can help by raising awareness of healthy eating within the subconscious mind.  Please call me for a free consultation 07554 420218

We also need to understand that we are not necessarily to blame as there are a number of factors that might cause overweight.  Certain medications, emotional issues – anxiety, stress, boredom, hormone problems, genes, even lack of sleep – the list goes on.  Losing weight is never a quick fix but Hypnotherapy will provide the support system and framework to assist with steady weight loss and a healthier lifestyle for both you and your family.